No one with Ebola will be treated at Fort Monmouth according to the New Jersey Department of Human Services in a letter sent to State Sen. Joe Kyrillos, whose office says he is not satisfied with that assurance.

Fort Monmouth (Marko Georgiev/Getty Images)

The Republican from Middletown shared a letter with from Commissioner Jennifer Velez reaffirming that no one who actually has been diagnosed with Ebola would be treated at the former military facility.

"It would only be utilized as one possible location to temporarily house out-of-state, asymptomatic travelers for the duration of their quarantine period, or until such time the State is able to arrange safe and suitable transportation to their home state," Valez wrote of Fort Monmouth. "The site will not be a 'bio-containment center'."

There had been concern from Shore elected officials and member of the Fort Monmouth Economic Redevelopment Authority (FMERA) that the possible presence of Ebola patients would jeopardize interest in the base for other uses. They also claimed they were not alerted to the state's plan.

Valez, in her letter, says all appropriate officials were "made aware of the plans" and that no one under quarantine has been housed at the facility yet.

Kyrillos' Director of Legislative Affairs, Tony Perry, contends that the senator was not aware of the plan and said Beck and Kyrillos do not think Fort Monmouth is the right place for these patients and would like Valez to "revisit the issue."