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Partly sunny. Humid. Chance of showers & thunderstorms. High: 85-90
Chance of showers & thunderstorms in the evening. Low: 60-65
TOMORROW: Sunny. Less humid. High: 80-85


Ebola Concern in New Jersey - Worries about the deadly Ebola virus have now surfaced in New Jersey after a patient at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold who had been in West Africa exhibited flu-like symptoms. Officials say the patient had no exposure to Ebola in Africa and probably does have the flu or some other common disease but the individual has been put in an isolation ward as more testing is being done.

Bertha Churns Up the Atlantic - Tropical Storm Bertha is still churning the surf down the shore. There is a moderate risk for rip currents today. A number of towns reported water rescues on Tuesday.

How rip currents form (NOAA)

Drowning Victim OK
- Atlantic City Police said a woman drowned off one of the beaches Monday but now say she is not dead. Rescue workers were able to get her out of the water and revive her. The 59-year old New Hampshire resident remains in the hospital but doctors won’t update her condition.

SIgn at the Toms River Little League complex (Tons River Little League)

Standing On Their Own - As the Toms River Little League enters the regional semi’s they're not worried about comparisons from the township's infamous championship team.



Talking Peace - The Israelis and the Palestinians are in Cairo today, to take part in negotiations for a longer-term peace in the Gaza Strip. Egyptian mediators will be shuttling between both sides to try to work out a deal. And some details are emerging about Hamas' negotiating points, including an internationally funded reconstruction of Gaza, which would be overseen by a Palestinian unity government. The talks are happening during a three-day cease-fire.

Afghan Insider Shooting - An Afghan policeman has turned his gun on his colleagues at a checkpoint in the south, killing seven policemen. The shooting is the latest among so-called insider attacks in which Afghan forces or gunmen in Afghan police or army uniforms turn their weapon on afghan colleagues or NATO allies. On Tuesday, a gunman dressed as an afghan soldier turned on allied troops, killing an American Major General and wounding about 15 U.S. and coalition forces.

Driver Distractions - We know drowsy driving is always a threat on our roads, but you'd be amazed to hear some of the other distractions that your fellow motorists are dealing with. You may be guilty as well.

Paid Leave - The push is on to force more New Jersey companies to offer paid leave to employees. Newark and Jersey City already have local ordinances requiring it. Now, an advocacy group is pushing to have paid leave on the ballot this November in Trenton, Irvington, Montclair, Passaic and Paterson. East Orange introduced the ordinance Monday. Businesses say it will drive up costs and force them to layoff workers.

Illegal Handgun - Prosecutors are still going hard after a Philly woman who was arrested for having a gun in her car when she was stopped on the Atlantic City Expressway. She told police she had a handgun in her car...and a permit to carry in Pennsylvania. She was unaware that permit means nothing in New Jersey. A judge has rejected her bid to have the charge dismissed and enter a pretrial program. She faces three years in prison. A New Jersey lawmaker wants to change the law that got this single mom of two caught up in a mess

Tuesday Night Fights - Politics got physical in north Jersey this week. In Bogota, a councilman took a swing at the mayor, connecting with his head. Witnesses say the Council was in a closed door session when the fight erupted over the budget. The councilman challenged the mayor to a fist fight in front of City Hall then lept at him and hit him in the head. The mayor has filed charges.

Expensive Skies - If you're planning to fly anytime soon, you can expect to dig a little deeper into your pockets. Average airfare has gone up nearly 11 percent over the past five years.

Snake Still on the Lose - That big red-tailed boa is still on the loose in Lower Township. The six foot long snake has eluded capture for over a week. The original owner has been found and says it's his fault the snake got out when he was cleaning his tank. It was last seen eating a bird in the Villas and experts say will retreat to a cool, dark, place to digest it's meal for up to three weeks.

You're Fired - The Donald wants his name off two Atlantic City casinos. Trump gave up control of Trump Plaza and the Taj Mahal years ago but allowed the new company to keep using his name. But he says the casinos have fallen into disrepair and tarnish his name and image. He is suing the owners to get them to remove "Trump" from their properties.

Can't Beat Hillary - He's the tough talking Jersey Guy with attitude and a growing national profile, but that doesn't mean Garden State voters think Governor Christie should be the next commander-in-chief. Today's Quinnipiac University poll shows Jerseyans favor Hillary over Chris in 2016.




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