Since there’s so much emphasis on multitasking behind the wheel, experts weigh in on the fact that eating while driving increases the chances of your getting into an accident by 80 percent.

But that doesn’t stop us from doing it – now does it.

So with that in mind, seeing is how we take our meal or beverage of choice with us on the road – what are the hardest things you either eat or have eaten while on the go?

I’m very simple. A cup of coffee works for me just fine – however, according to the list below, it’s the number one most dangerous item to consume. (Funny though, how all cars come with a driver-side cup holder. If it’s that dangerous, then why is it there?)

If I do eat at all, it’s usually a bagel. It does get a little precarious when it’s toasted with a schmear of butter.

Do you eat when you drive, and what’s the hardest food for you to eat?
Compare that to the list that’s been compiled by the “experts.”

Experts say eating while driving can increase a motorist’s chances of a car accident by 80 percent.

Ryan Harrison, an editor in Burbank, said long hours at work means more time in his car.
“I’d rather just eat on the way home, so I’m killing two birds with one stone,” he said. “I would make scrambled eggs before I go to work and then I’d eat them on the way to work, and I’d also eat yogurt. It’s definitely convenience.”

With so little time and so much traffic, Harrison’s car (has been turned) into a personal dining room.

“There is so much traffic here that you have to drive so slowly and there are so many stop lights,” he said. “I need to eat while I’m driving just to save time.”

Officer Juan Galvan of the California Highway Patrol office in Glendale said that while Harrison’s behavior isn’t illegal, it is unsafe.

“Usually when people take a bite and if they spill, what’s your first reaction? Your first reaction is to let go of the steering wheel or drop whatever it is you’re doing because you want to clean up the mess you possibly caused,” Galvan said.

Law enforcement officials say much like texting and driving, eating also falls under the category of distracted driving.

The officer added, “We don’t have a specific section, but for somebody that is eating while driving, now we can go with the unsafe speed section. What is the safe speed for you to eat and drive? The safe speed is ‘zero.’”

Coffee: It always finds a way out of the cup.

Hot soup: Many people drink it like coffee and run the same risks.

Tacos: "A food that can disassemble itself without much help, leaving your car looking like a salad bar," says Hagerty.

Chili: The potential for drips and slops down the front of clothing is significant.

Hamburgers: From the grease of the burger to ketchup and mustard, it could all end up on your hands, your clothes, and the steering wheel.

Barbecued food: The same issue arises for barbecued foods as for hamburgers. The sauce may be great, but if you have to lick your fingers, the sauce will end up on whatever you touch.

Fried chicken: Another food that leaves you with greasy hands, which means constantly wiping them on something, even if it's your shirt. It also makes the steering wheel greasy.

Jelly or cream-filled donuts: Has anyone eaten a jelly donut without some of the center oozing out? Raspberry jelly can be difficult at best to remove from material.

Soft drinks: Not only are they subject to spills, but also the carbonated kind can fizz as you're drinking if you make sudden movements, and most of us remember cola fizz in the nose from childhood. It isn't any more pleasant now.

Chocolate: Like greasy foods, chocolate coats the fingers as it melts against the warmth of your skin, and leaves its mark anywhere you touch. As you try to clean it off the steering wheel you're likely to end up swerving.

Do you make a habit of eating when you drive? What are the hardest things to eat behind the wheel? Feel free to share below.