For 36 years, Chubby's Luncheonette was Carol "Chubby" Montello's life. So it's only fitting that, as reports, the defunct restaurant in Hopewell Borough was where she chose to die.

According to the report, Chubby's, a beloved spot for locals went out of business three years ago because Montello couldn't keep up with day-to-day costs. Two years ago, she started complaining of back pains and had complications in her chest, but didn't want to be treated or diagnosed, the report said.

Then, in October, Montello was brought to a hospital. Just five hours later, her loved ones arranged to have her hospital bed wheeled into the eatery, where Montello often still spent time sitting with friends or letting the time pass by, according to the report.

It said she spent her final 11 hours at Chubby's, and died at age 78.