Thinking about committing a crime in East Orange, NJ? You may want to reconsider.

The East Orange Police are utilizing the latest technology to thwart would-be criminals.

The Light Based Intervention System allows police to remotely shine a red beam onto a person they believe is about to commit a crime.

The Codero Group, creator of the Light Based Intervention System, helps police provide improved public safety during a time of shrinking manpower. Case history report from the companies web site states:

"Technology-enabled crime prevention strategies helped the EOPD achieve crime reductions at a rate roughly 12 times the national average, lower crime-related economic losses by tens of millions of dollars, reduce fear-of-crime, and increase productivity and efficiency."

Not a 'criminal'?  That's okay, EOPD already has technology in their police vehicles that can scan license plates as they drive; so you better not have any outstanding parking tickets!