The Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver, Josh Huff, two days after his Tuesday arrest for having a gun on the Walt Whitman Bridge which comes under New Jersey law. Not to mention the hallow point bullets, DUI and obstructed view from tinted windows, and one day after head coach Doug Pederson said he would play Sunday against the Giants.

While these are all serious offenses, I don't think they are worthy of release. I also don't think the Eagles would have released him, no matter how much executive vice president of football operations, Howie Roseman, says they stuck to their process if he were more vital to the team.

Roseman may have been more upset at the timing of the arrest, which was the last day of the NFL trade deadline when they could have gotten a better receiver that they so desperately need. The Eagles are really not losing much by cutting Huff, who played in seven games this season with two starts and caught 13 passes for 72 yards and one touchdown.

Jimmy Johnson once cut a player in Dallas for falling asleep in a team meeting. Asked if he would have cut Emmit Smith, he said "Hell no!"  You do what's best for your team.

Do you think the Eagles would have cut Carson Wentz if he had been on that bridge? Cutting Josh Huff sends a message, cutting Carson Wentz would send a suicide note.

Expect Huff to land with another team by the end of the season or soon after whatever discipline the league or courts may hand out.

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