The things people do for their teams. When I first saw this video of an Eagles fan "purifying" himself in the Delaware River I thought "what an idiot," then I realized I knew the guy! Ben Caplan, who does beer tours at night in Philadelphia, ended up as part of his job having to take care of a group of  Vikings fans who came to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship game. "They're all elbowing themselves and having a fun time and I'm thinking to myself 'I actually hate you guys.'"

After providing such a good time for the Vikings fans, Ben felt dirty and felt he would jinx himself and be the reason the Eagles lost, so he discussed it with his father Jeff Caplan who suggested he needed to purify himself and jump into the river. That's when Ben decided to remove his Carson Wentz jersey and run into and submerge himself into the Delaware River in freezing cold February.

Watch the video and know that afterwards he ran over two blocks to his home screaming "house, house, house, house." How did it feel? "It wasn't bad and now I'm starting to think like this'll be the swimming pool all summer" At least he didn't eat horse poop!

I worked with both of Ben's parents Jeff Caplan and Gina Preston in Philadelphia and back in the day, Ben or "Benji" used to come to my house parties and play games with the rest of the kids.

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