Warning: The video below contains violence and foul language.

The ongoing rift between New York/New Jersey and Philly fans has erupted into violence once again. This time, an Eagles fan can be seen in a YouTube video punching a Giants fan following the Monday Night football matchup between the two teams.

According to an NBC Philadelphia report, "SEPTA police believe the assault happened at the 69th Street Terminal." The video appears to have been taken with a cell phone but so far, authorities haven't located any witnesses or surveillance video, "but the cellphone video was enough to prompt an investigation," NBC reports.

The Eagles, after trailing in the first quarter, went on to beat the Giants, 27-7 Monday night.

In the video, the two men can be heard exchanging some trash talk before one of the individuals - wearing a green Eagles jersey - rushes the Giants fan as his girlfriend repeatedly pleads for them to stop. The man hits the ground and some cheering can be heard.

Fights breaking out between fans of the two teams isn't exactly unusual, nor is the reputation Eagles fans have as being rowdy agitators. The distinction actually dates back at least a few decades, starting with a 1968 incident when Philly fans hurled snowballs at a man dressed as Santa Claus. Not helping the Eagles' reputation is the fact that in 1998, a jail was installed in the bowels of Veteran's Stadium.

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