Last night President Donald Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House for a congratulatory Super Bowl ceremony. I think it was the right decision in light of the fact it only less than a dozen players would show up. He’s obsessed with imagery and that’s only part of the reason he didn’t want to have them there in such small numbers.

Just once I would love to see him show some humility and empathy. This would go a long way in turning some people around to thinking that he might be human after all. All he would have to say in his statement is "I wouldn’t want to cause any disunity on the team. Since some of my remarks during last season cost hard feelings among some players I understand their reluctance to come to the White House. I wouldn’t want to see any kind of disunity on the world champion Philadelphia eagles football team. Best of luck to the Eagles and all the NFL teams in the upcoming season!"

Just once if he showed that kind of humanity and understanding it would go along way to healing the country's divide. Maybe I should take over his Twitter account!

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