The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says so-called "emerging" tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes, are gaining traction among youths. In fact, the CDC shows that children as young as middle school are using the devices.

E-Cigarette use has gained traction among youths as young as middle school. (Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

This is happening while the use of more traditional tobacco products among kids has remained constant. Karen Blumenthal, executive director of the anti-smoking group, GASP says real cigarettes are being taxed at a higher and higher rate.

"It's no wonder that people are switching to a less expensive product, and these new products that have fruit flavors and candy flavors, like the e-cigarettes, appeal to kids," Blumenthal said.

A survey published in September found that one in five middle school students who said they had never used conventional cigarettes reported having used e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette use nearly doubled between 2011 and 2012 for middle school students.  Blumenthal said the Federal Food and Drug Administration needs to start regulating e-cigarette advertising and marketing.