We've talked about scams before on the show. We're sympathetic. We understand how good the scam artists can be. How they catch people off-guard and use finely honed psychological manipulation and great acting skills. Sure. But this one is just ridiculous.

A 19 year old man from Dunellen was approached in North Plainfield by two Hispanic males asking him if he had lost $6,000 in cash. The 19 year old said he did not, so the men explained how they found a bad of money and they hid it in some snow. Then they suggested the three of them split it. The two men told him to wait on the street where the $6,000 was buried while they went to investigate further and would all split the money when they got back. In the meantime, they took $1,100 from the 19 year old man, I assume as good faith money, collateral, something like that? Of course, the two men never returned. There was a bag. A very empty bag.