An overturned dump truck on the northbound New Jersey Turnpike that traffic snarled for several miles between exits 8 and 8A has been cleared and several tons of sand cleaned up

Dump truck sand spill on New Jersey Turnpike (NJ DOT)

New Jersey Fast Traffic's Bob Williams reports that the accident was just short of where the road splits into the car and car & truck lanes.

The dump truck also dumped 25 tons of sand onto the roadway.

A view off the area on the traffic camera of the area shows the truck uprighted and the sand cleaned up with traffic moving along at normal speeds at 8:15AM.

Surrounding alternate  roads such as Route 1, Route 130 along with local roads have  picked  up extra traffic as Turnpike drivers look to get around the scene.


Clean up of sand on New Jersey Turnpike (NJ DOT)