Starting Friday, there will be extra eyes on the road, looking for drunk and impaired drivers in New Jersey.

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The "Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over" campaign runs through September 1. Nearly 200 law enforcement agencies are getting a $5,000 grant to assist with checkpoints and saturation patrols, and another 300-plus police departments will participate unfunded.

“If drunk driving was eliminated, more than 150 lives would be spared each year in New Jersey,” said Division of Highway Traffic Safety Acting Director Gary Poedubicky.

According to DHTS, Labor Day weekend in 2012 saw 147 drunk driving fatalities nationwide.

“Many people believe that even after having a few drinks, they can still drive. One’s judgment is among the first things to be affected after consuming alcohol,” Poedubicky added.

During the same crackdown last year, more than 1,300 DWI arrests were made statewide. Thousands of additional citations were issued for speeding, failure to use a seatbelt, driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.