Has a drone been sighted on the Jersey Shore?

Listener photo of drone over beach in Seaside Park (Townsquare Media NJ)

A listener sent an email claiming that an unmanned drone buzzed the beach in Seaside Park for 30-45 minutes on Sunday, August 25. "It would hover over the crowd in Seaside for a few minutes, then zip around and hover over the buildings. It would hover, and flit around until we finally lost sight of it at approximately 4 p.m.," wrote the listener who says she witnessed this from the northern most end of Island Beach State Park, near Two Bit Road.

"The drone did enter the state park twice, hovering and zipping over me and my family, although we are unsure of how far south it went into the park because it disappeared from sight. The drone appeared to fly as high as the propellor planes that were carrying advertising banners, and as low as my 100 foot long kite that I was flying at the time," continued the listener.

Callers into the show suggested that they were may be studying dolphins in light of the recent deaths of a number of dolphins along the coast. Another caller said that Google maps may be using them to survey. And a third caller said that drones can be purchased at Brookstone.

What do you think the listener saw?