Thanks to the high number of vehicle recalls in 2014, drivers are becoming "desensitized" to them according to Carfax

Toyota Camrys (Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

"These are safety-related recalls.  While we've seen so many recalls happen in just the first half of the year, it has made us almost become desensitized to how vital a recall is," said Chris Basso, a spokesman for Carfax.

Recalls are intended to keep drivers safe, and while the problems might seem miniscule, drivers must take every recall seriously so no one gets injured, Basso said.

While it can be an inconvenience to take your car into the shop to fix the recall issue, Basso said it's extremely important to get it fixed. "If you do see that there is a recall, take the time and get it fixed - that inconvenience can save you a lot of problems."

So how do drivers know if a recall has been issued for their car?  Basso said drivers can utilize a free service through Carfax called myCarfax. The service allows drivers to access information on any recalls for their particular vehicle.  Drivers can also be alerted if any recalls are issued for that car in the future.

Basso recommends three steps for all new car buyers looking to avoid having a recall issue. "Take the car for a thorough test drive to make sure their comfortable, look for open recall information that could indicate a problem - and then the third step, have it inspected by a qualified and trusted mechanic."