We just came off one of those Click It Or Ticket blitzes as New Jersey continues beating its head against a wall trying for 100% compliance, or continues revenue enhancement. However you want to look at it. Seat belt use is at an all time high in the garden state, 94.5% for front seat. While I've never liked the idea of government in the role of protecting people from themselves I have always worn a seat belt. This video is a good example of just one reason why you should. A school bus driver hits some bumps in the road so hard that it bounces him clean out of his seat because he's not being held in by a seat belt. The disastrous results unfold right before your eyes. He loses complete control of the bus. Even as he desperately reaches up and back for the wheel, because he's not in the proper position it does nothing to stop the ensuing crash. Tough to watch. Thank goodness there weren't any children on the bus at the time, just the driver. Like I said, I'm not a fan of laws of government regarding seat belts, but I am a fan of laws of physics so I always wear one. Check out the video below.