What a beautiful afternoon to meet up with your friends and neighbors, along Main Street in downtown Somerville!

Food vendors, local crafters and business vendors lined both sides of Main Street Somerville this afternoon, as this normally bustling car lane transformed into a walking mall for a few hours!

There was a fun area for kids, too, with castle-slide and moon-bounce-type activities...

And, speaking of fun and games...

The Jersey Prize Team: Alex, Victoria, Marissa & Richard. (Craig Allen photo).

The "Jersey Prize Team" was under the tent playing games and giving away baseball tickets, lottery tickets, and other NJ101.5 goodies!

When you stopped by the Big Yellow Tent, you could play "High-Low" with the cards...

"Hooping" to win a prize! (Craig Allen photo)

Hula Hooping was a big draw this afternoon...

Several kids try...only one will win...each round. (Craig Allen photo).
Victoria urging on the hooping contestants! (Craig Allen photo).

Come one...

Keep going! You can do it! (Craig Allen photo).

Come all!

Yes...boys can hula hoop, too! (Craig Allen photo).

Stop him from having fun hula hooping? Not me! (read his shirt).

Around the neck! (Craig Allen photo).

I've never seen so many hula hoopers...who were so good!

Hands UP! (Craig Allen photo)

The challenge is ON!

"Ring Around the Neck." (Craig Allen photo).

"Mad Skills" when it comes to the Hula Hoop!

Lets give her a hand! Yes, she won a round of hula hooping! (Craig Allen photo).

Sometimes, that hard part was trying to find the Hula Hoop winner. Amazing skills on display today!

Plus, "Music Trivia" was a big "crowd pleaser" on Main Street in downtown Somerville!

Alex "working" the music trivia crowd. (Craig Allen photo).

"It looks like we have another WINNER!"

Enjoy the baseball game...and thanks for playing with New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).

Some local "color" amongst the Main Street crowds...

But...you don't SOUND that tall...Uncle Sam! (Craig Allen photo).
Its just a "regular" day for this guy...TMI, buddy! (Craig Allen photo).

I said, on the air yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, that I would get on my bike, and pedal to Main Street...

Your author, and evening music host, in downtown Somerville via pedal power! (Victoria Puleo/Jersey Prize Team photo).

Here's proof!

Thanks Jersey Prize team!

And thanks to all who enjoyed the afternoon in downtown Somerville with New Jersey 101.5!