Well if you wonder why we are in the hand basket we are in here in the great Garden State, look no further than the politicians who block any attempt at change.

New Jersey Legislature (Tim Larsen, Governor's Office)

Under loopholes in current NJ laws, double-dipping by state officials is perfectly. legal. According to NJwatchdog, 17 NJ lawmakers receive retirement checks totaling a whopping $726,000 a year, in addition to their legislative salaries. One of the biggest double-dippers in the Legislature is Sen. Fred Madden, D-Turnersville, who collects nearly a quarter-million dollars a year from two public jobs and a state pension. In addition to $49,000 in legislative pay, the Senate Labor Committee chairman receives $85,272 from a State Police pension and $111,578 as dean of Law & Justice at Gloucester County College.

Senator Jennifer Beck is a state legislator who is opposed to double-dipping and has stressed reform. A reform, co-sponsored by Beck could put an end to double-dipping in New Jersey. If enacted, Senate Bill 601 would suspend state pension payments to retirees who return to public jobs that pay more than $15,000 a year. Their retirement benefits would only resume after they permanently leave public employment.

Here is the list of 17 NJ Legislators who collect state pensions plus state pay

Pension/Yr Employer at Retirement


Sen Fred Madden Jr. D-4 $85,272 State Police

Assmb Gordon Johnson D-37 $75,492 Bergen County

Assmb David Rible R-11 $55,032 Wall Twp

Sen Samuel Thompson R-13 $51,996 Assembly

Assmb Gilbert Wilson D-5 $50,304 Camden City

Assmb Diane Gove R-9 $49,644 South Regional HS

Assmb Connie Wagner D-38 $46,368 Paramus Bd of Ed

Assmb Bonnie Watson Coleman D-15 $44,724 Community Affairs

Sen James Holzapfel R-10 $43,176 Assembly

Sen Loretta Weinberg D-37 $40,860 Assembly

Sen James Whelan D-2 $35,160 Ventor City

Sen Robert Singer R-30 $34,404 Multiple

Assmb Cleopatra Tucker D-28 $33,996 Newark Hous Auth

Sen James Beach D-6 $33,564 Black Horse Pike RSD

Assmb Joesph Egan D-17 $24,216 New Brunswick

Assmb Ralph Caputo D-28 $11,628 Essex County

Assmb John DiMaio R-23 $10,356 Warren County


TOTAL $726,192


The legislators receive salaries of $49,000 a year from the State of New Jersey.