As the first major storm of the winter season hits the area, New Jersey officials are making final preparations to battle Old Man Winter.

Flickr User Anthony Quintano

“We’ve been mobilizing for days, we’re ready,” said state Department of Transportation spokesman Joe Dee.

He pointed out the DOT is coordinating operations with the State Police, the Turnpike Authority and the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

“It’s a sequence – the salt spreaders get out there and then as the snow accumulates the plows are deployed,” he said, “they’re ready to roll before they’re needed.”

Dee also said state roads have been treated with a brine solution – which helps to melt snow – several days ago, and crews will be working all night, but “the high winds are going to make visibility very low – we’re expecting blizzard-like conditions in locations. We’re asking everyone to stay home unless they have to go out.”

Mary Goepfert of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management agrees.

“It’s going to be extremely treacherous,” she said. "The storm will produce a dangerous combination of extreme conditions, including snow, the second is the wind, and that’s going to blow the snow around, so that’s going to cause travel to be very dangerous, and the third is the wind chill factor – we’re going to see wind chills that we have not experienced in the state in several years.”

She added if you absolutely must travel, “you should have an emergency kit for your car.”

Goepfert also recommended that you check on the elderly and disabled friends and relatives that you have, to make sure they’re okay during, and after the storm.