It's not even winter yet and already, New Jersey has seen two significant storms, one of which devastated the coast.

John Moore, Getty Images

But, when it comes to state roads, the Department of Transportation says it's ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

"We do this every year where we start preparing in late summer, early fall. We start checking our equipment and supplies and we line up the contractors who do the heavy plowing. We're in good shape in all those respects," said Joe Dee, spokesman for the Department of Transportation.

"When it comes to this storm in particular and the winter, in general, we're ready," said Dee. "Our regional emergency operation centers are activated, we had crews out in salt trucks spreading as soon as the wintry mix began and started to stick. Plows are always at the ready to get out and begin clearing the snow from the roads as soon as they are needed. So, it's just a matter of being ready, having all the equipment out there, having plenty of salt and liquid calcium and having the plows ready."

"We've been preparing all along for the winter, but because this storm is expected to bring high winds to the coastal areas, our crews and contractors were pulled off of the barrier islands," said Dee. "It is a one-two punch, but we can handle it. As for motorists, it's always smart to be careful especially when the sun sets and it gets chilly out. There can be icing on the roads and it can be very dangerous."