With a mix of rain, sleet and snow overspreading the Garden state today, New Jersey's Department of Transportation is springing into action.

Flickr User Anthony Quintano

DOT spokesman Tim Greeley says, “We’ve been calling crews in and activating our emergency operations centers. " Greeley says they have three emergency activation centers, "One in each region of the state – the southern, central and northern regions … and we’ve been putting contractors on call – to plow if necessary.”

He explains in North Jersey and in higher elevations, “One of the first measures that is utilized on certain major highways, interstates, freeways, so on and so forth- is putting down a brining solution, which acts as a sort of first-defense layer against icing on the highways and you can put that down up to 24 hours in advance…and we’ve begun and have been on-going with salt spreading in other areas of the state all through the morning as well.”

A flood watch has been issued for the region, and roads in Central Jersey are expected to remain slippery right through tomorrow morning.