Finally, it's Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer!  I'm sure most of you have plans for this holiday weekend that may include a barbecue.  Here are some tips so spoiled food won't spoil your weekend.

Every year in the U.S. there are more than 76 million cases of foodborne illness.  Each year cases of food poisoning increase by 30 per cent.

Symptoms of food poisoning can range from mild to a trip to the hospital.  The people at high risk include babies, pregnant women (pregnant men don't have to worry), and the elderly.  To avoid a messed up Memorial Day, here are a few tips.

Keep cold foods cold.  If you're at home, keep the potato salad, fruits, and deviled eggs refrigerated until they're served.  Meats, especially poultry, keep them cold until you throw them on the grill.  If you and the gang are headed to one of the many great New Jersey picnic areas, bring coolers with lots of ice or ice packs.

Keep plates and utensils used for preparation separate from the plates and utensils that will be used for consumption.  The best thing to do is use disposable plates and utensils.

To be extra safe, wash off tables with spray cleaners and use hand sanitizers.

The Department of Agriculture has a nice food safety website that's worth checking out.

For a great backdrop to your outdoor feast, and right through Monday, crank up New Jersey 101.5.  It's a "Summer Hits Weekend".  We're playing Jersey's favorite hits from Jersey's favorite summers!