Its "Free Family Fun," and tonight is your last chance to check out the 3-day Somerset County 4-H Fair, on Milltown Road, In Bridgewater!

This is it! Enjoy the 4-H Fair TONIGHT! (Craig Allen photo).

In Somerset County, 4-H is so much more than...

Milking the "cow." (Craig Allen photo).

"Cows and Cooking!" For example....

"She blinded me with science...SCIENCE!" (Craig Allen photo).

Check out all the club displays!

Check out all the clubs...their displays, and activities! (Craig Allen photo).

And, the arts and crafts!

I was in the 4-H Photography Club...and later judged photos just like these! (Craig Allen photo).

There are lots of animals to see (and pet)...

Sarah and her award-winning chicken...that you can touch! (Craig Allen photo).

...from dogs and cats to rabbits...

Getting "up close and personal" with a REAL "Bugs Bunny!" (Craig Allen photo).

...and guinea pigs...

Your author, and weekend personality, holding Carolyn's "Crested" guinea pig!

Above, its like "old home day." I'm holding a guinea pig...I raised and showed hundreds of guinea pigs as a teenager in 4-H! By the way, "cavies" (as they are also known), are not from New Guinea, nor are they related to "pigs." But, that's another article for another day!

The Alpaca's coat is very soft. (Craig Allen photo).

Check out the sheep and goats, and cows...

Kids of all ages enjoy stopping by the 4-H Horse tent! (Craig Allen photo).

...and horses, too!

Yes, there's even a "herpetology"  (SNAKE) club!

Did you know there is a Robot club...clubs that celebrate different cultures from around the world...a model rocket club...a movie-makers club...

This model train is a blur of speed! (Craig Allen photo).

...and a Train club, to mention just a few! If you are interested in it, you can form a 4-H club!

One can join 4-H as early as 7 years old, thanks to "4-H Prep" which started as a model program in Somerset County, many years ago!

Join your friends and neighbors at the fair! (Craig Allen photo).

This is YOUR chance to see the projects that the 4-Hers have been working on all support the kids and their clubs...and to have a fun night out with family and friends!

There's lots to choose from, inside the Food Tent! (Craig Allen photo).

Hungry? Grab dinner "out" tonight!  There is a big food tent, run by area organizations, with proceeds going to good causes! Food is the only place where money changes hands, at the Somerset County 4-H Fair!

I'd go anywhere for a 4-H Fair photo, "back in the day!" Even the middle of the horse ring! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Back in the day, I was a long-time Somerset County 4-H member!

The Somerset County 4-H Fair as seen from the air, sometime in the early 1990's. (Craig Allen photo).

Walking around the fair yesterday afternoon....the sights, the sounds, the smells...I was instantly a teenager again. I'm biased, but it is the best 4-H Fair in the country, and its still the same fair of my youth!

With the "Prize Team," Jess and Derek! Sporting my vintage 1980's Somerset County 4-H Camp Counselor shirt!

In addition to all the memories (and I met up with a few people I haven't seen in years), I got a chance to hang out with the "Jersey Prize Team" yesterday afternoon!

Playing "High/Low" for a prize, at the 4-H Fair! (Craig Allen photo).

Thanks to all fair goers who stopped by to say HI, and to play some games with us, and win cool prizes!

"Music Trivia" is ON! (Craig Allen photo).

You have til 10:00 tonight to check out the Somerset County 4-H Fair for 2014!

Its not to be missed!

Somerset County 4-H Fair, Milltown Rd, Bridgewater. Be There! (Craig Allen photo).

Thanks for your support of the Somerset County 4-H program, and New Jersey 101.5!