David Soul was a multi-talented performer who starred in a couple of pretty big TV shows and also landed a number one single on the pop charts. His real name is David Solberg and he started off as a folk singer, appearing on the old Merv Griffin Show wearing a ski mask and performing as the Covered Man. When he was 19, he turned down a professional baseball contract from the Chicago White Sox to pursue his career as a performer.

His two big television roles were Here Come The Brides and Starsky & Hutch (he played Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson). He was also in the theatrical release Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood, as well as the miniseries Salem’s Lot, among other projects. Music was his passion, however, and while he was starring in Starsky & Hutch, he released the single, 'Don’t Give Up On Us' which became a huge hit, going all the way to number one! This gave him the rare feat of having the top rated TV show and song at the same time. He never recaptured that success, releasing two single that the reached the fifties on the pop chart, but no higher. He relocated to the UK (he holds dual citizenship), where he lives now with his fifth wife.

Even with that success, Big Joe didn’t play my request.

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