During the past few Father's Days I've posted a story about my dad.  For 2015 I would like to, once again, share my special memories of this man who was the quintessential maverick.


Wright family photo

First, I am sure your dad was, and hopefully, still is an inspiration to you.  Loving, caring, and helped to build your path of life in the right direction.

Last year I told you about how Emanuel Wright's extreme persistence saved my life.  During most of my infancy I was in and out of the hospital.  I was critically ill.

It turns out the doctors made the wrong diagnosis.  My dad swooped me out of the hospital and carried me in his arms to a physician who properly diagnosed and treated my illness.

Without a doubt, my father's determination saved my life.

He had quite a life.  During World War Two my dad was a ship's radio operator in the Merchant Marines.  Just a bit more dangerous than working radio on New Jersey 101.5.

Wright family photo

After the war Mannie was quite the entrepreneur.

He ran a photography business.  It was his idea to have kids pose with Santa during the holidays at the Newark Bamberger's store.

A few years later he established what eventually became a highly successful heating and air conditioning business based in New York City.  During the early years, before he could afford an office, he ran the operation out of a telephone booth.

The other day I asked my mother if she had more stories for today's post about Dad.  She reminded me of when he arrived home from his New York City office it was routine for him to have large quantities of food in hand.

We're not talking about groceries from the supermarket or take out.  A couple of examples.  He would purchase entire Hebrew National salamis or massive amounts of Joyva halvah.  In case you may not know, halvah is a sesame based confectionery.

Despite his crazy schedule, dad taught me life's values.  Always strive to be the best you can be.  And, always try to do the "Wright" thing.

My father was way too young when I lost him 28 years ago.  To this day I still miss him for his guidance, and most of all, for his love.

I hope you have a nice story about your dad.  If you do, please share it with us.

If he's with you here or in spirit, send him your love today and everyday.