Back…back…back into time, as “The Time Machine” lands on Thursday, May 5, 1983, with the local hit music survey. I'll play them on New Jersey 101.5 starting just after midnight late Friday night.


“Solitaire” by Laura Branigan


(#13 last week) A very nice lady who passed on way too young. I was lucky enough to meet Laura at a radio station event at the Hyatt Regency Princeton. She was very, very sweet & humble. Always liked this song, the followup to the momnumental smash “Gloria”. The song kicked off the career of one of the world's top songwriters, Diane Warren


“One On One” by Daryl Hall & John Oates


(#7 last week) The followup to the #1 “Maneater”, this single from “H2O” was used in commercials for the NBA. Nice midtempo change-of-pace for the duo.


“Overkill” by Men At Work


(#14 last week) A forgotten favorite! Great to hear this one again, but sad to play it in memory of MAW's Greg Ham, who passed away on April 19, 2012. Amazingly, this did better chartwise in the U.S. (national peak #3) than in Australia (#5).


“Mr. Roboto” by Styx


(#6 last week) Wow, did this not sound like Styx's previous hits. Instead, it had a definite Queen vibe. I got news for ya: someday, we will all be Mr. Roboto….


“Let's Dance” by David Bowie


(#20 last week) Hottest song on the survey, the Thin White Duke decided he needed a hit & put his dancing shoes back on, a smart move, because it won him back R&B radio airplay & helped push this single to million-seller status.


“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson


(#2 last week) Almost 68 million people can't be wrong. That's how many times this video has been viewed on youtube in the last 5 years or so.




“Der Kommissar” by After The Fire


(#5 last week) One-hit wonder. First written & performed by Falco (“Rock Me Amadeus”). The station I worked at in Wilkes-Barre in 1983 split airplay between the two versions. Ironically, Laura Branigan also recorded a version. Weird.


“Jeopardy” by The Greg Kihn Band


(#3 last week) No, this had nothing to do with the game show. In fact, it was another year-and-a-half before Alex Trebek's version of that show would debut. Kihn was known for his pun-ny album titles. Six of his eight charted efforts were plays on his last name: “Next Of Kihn”, “Rockihnroll”, “Kihntinued”, “Kihnspiracy”, “Kihntagious” & “Citizen Kihn”.




“Beat It” by Michael Jackson


(#9 last week) Eddie Van Halen was the guitarist on this song, but his record label prevented him from appearing in the video. He did join the Jacksons onstage during part of the “Victory” tour. #337 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest rock songs of all time.




“Come On Eileen” by Dexy's Midnight Runners


(#1 last week; 2nd week at #1) One of the very best singles of the 80s; always glad to see quality rewarded with a big hit. The “Johnnie Ray” referred to in the lyrics was a very popular crooner of the early & mid 50s, a sad guy who sang sad songs.