Let's escape & take our minds off our troubles by flashing back in "The Time Machine" to Tuesday (new survey day!), September 15, 1970. These were the local top 10 singles.


  • 10

    "(They Long To Be) Close To You" by Carpenters

    (#11 last week) Former #1 hit, momentarily back up. It heralded a change in music from loud to softer. And the duo were unfairly maligned for their sound, which I thought was musically very complex. Did I mention Karen played a mean set of drums?

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    "In The Summertime" by Mungo Jerry

    (#7 last week) It may unofficially be fall, but summer is still on the radio, courtesy of this skiffle-laden ditty from the U.K. Insanely catchy. Doesn't the lead singer look like Sly Stone? Those sideburns look like a map of New Jersey.

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    "Candida" by Dawn

    (#12 last week) No one, least of all Tony Orlando, expected to get a whole career out of Dawn. He had been doing studio work through most of the 60s, ever since his teen idol days of the early 60s had ended. He sang lead, by the way, on a mid-charter from 1969 by Wind called "Make Believe".

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    "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    (#9 last week) If CCR were starting today, they'd be marketed as a country band. Top 40 radio & rock radio wouldn't touch 'em. For shame. How silly, although this IS their most country-sounding song.

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    "Don't Play That Song" by Aretha Franklin

    (#5 last week) Remake of a 1962 Ben E. King hit. The Queen Of Soul at once nostalgic & hip. Hit after hit after hit from 1967 through 1974. This clip is from a British variety show. Surprising that they were still in black & white in 1970.

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    "Julie, Do Ya Love Me" by Bobby Sherman

    (#8 last week) Even though Bobby's first hit came in 1969, he had been a regular on network TV since 1964, first on "Shindig!" & then as an actor on shows such as "Here Come The Brides". And then, after the teen ido-dom stopped, what a career change! Bobby's worked as an EMT & police officer in recent years. Way to go!

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    "Spill The Wine" by Eric Burdon & War

    (#4 last week) I used to know every single word to this one. And sing along to it, too. Was the local #1 hit just two weeks ago. Last hit for Burdon, first for War. The twain shall meet! Gulp! Are those--hot pants--on that guy in War?

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    "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross

    (#1 last week) The champ has been dethroned, as this slips to #3 (it would return to #1 a few weeks later). Didn't think Marvin & Tammi's original could be topped, but Diana did it! What an uplifting classic.Love both this short radio version & the longer one.

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    "War" by Edwin Starr

    (#2 last week) It took awhile, but the early 70s saw a flood of antiwar songs hit the airwaves, & this was just about the biggest. About as exciting an intro as you'll ever hear. Bruce remade it in the mid 80s. Sorry about the video quality here. Best I could find.

  • 1

    "Patches" by Clarence Carter

    (#3 last week; 1st week at #1) Only peaked at #3 nationally. Jersey liked this one better. Carter was blind since birth. Clarence was married at this time to Candi Staton, who was also on the chart with her remake of "Stand By Your Man". He's the same guy who made the extremely risque' party hit "Strokin", which (sadly) can't be played on the radio. :-)