Back we go, this time to October 13, 1975, just two days after the debut of "NBC's Saturday Night", later retitled "Saturday Night Live". Do you remember who the guest host & two musical guests were that first show? The answer at the bottom of the page. Here's this week's top 10 singles:

  • 10

    "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka (with Elton John)

    (#25 last week) I say this with all due respect to Mr. Sedaka's immense talent: this may be the corniest performance in all aspects of any video from the 70s. But the SONG is great.

  • 9

    "Run Joey Run" by David Geddes

    (#10 last week) This song & video is craptastic! From the genre known in radio as "deathrock".

  • 8

    "Fly Robin Fly" by Silver Convention

    (debuts at #8) Three American ladies found in Germany, ended up with two giant hits, this being the first. Penny McLean did score one disco hit, "Lady Bump", but that did not crossover to the pop chart.

  • 7

    "Get Down Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine Band

    (#8 last week) Did anyone make more danceable songs in the 70s than these guys? No! Nowadays, Harry Wayne Casey, "KC", lives in North Carolina, but was based in Miami at TK Records for their great run of hits.

  • 6

    "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell

    (#3 last week) Funny, but the strongest image I have of this classic is of Johnny Carson doing it on a white horse in an all-white outfit, in his best Art Fern voice.

  • 5

    "I'm Sorry" by John Denver

    (#7 last week) A few weeks later, this became a double-sided hit, as radio started playing "Calypso", which is an all-time favorite. This side is pretty nice, too. But the guy in the song never explained why he was sorry for the way things were in China.....

  • 4

    "Fame" by David Bowie

    (#2 last week) Co-written with John Lennon, this broke Bowie onto R&B radio.

  • 3

    "It Only Takes A Minute" by Tavarws

    (#4 last week) This holds a special place in my heart. It was the very first song I ever played as a DJ at my college station, WKCC, Kingsborough Community College. The second song was was "You're No Good". What I said: "It only takes a minute girl to know that you're no good!" I spent a week thinking that up.  :-)

  • 2

    "Dance With Me" by Orleans

    (#5 last week) Talk about a career change: former Orleans member John Hall was elected to Congress from upstate New York a few years back (he lost his reelection bid).

  • 1

    "Mr. Jaws" by Dickie Goodman

    (#1 last week; 2nd week at #1) Peaked at #4 nationally buty you made it a three-week local #1 hit! Goodman was the creator & main user of the "break-in" record "We're here on the beach"...."we're here at the White House". He must have done over 100 over a 30+ year period. Sadly, he took his own life. You just know the 2013 government shutdown would have been perfect for one of these records!