Back...back...back into time! Here are our local top 10 singles from Tuesday, June 14, 1988.


  • 10

    "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson

    (#12 last week) Considering this was a national #1 hit, & the record-setting fifth charttopper from the album "Bad", boy, has this song disappeared from radio. That may be because it rocked harder than MJ's other hits, & R&B radio shies away now. Guitar by Steve Stevens.

  • 9

    "Everything Your Heart Desires" by Daryl Hall & John Oates

    (#10 last week) We didn't know it at the time, but this was the last of H&O's 7 year long streak of top 10 tunes. Pretty impressive run, and even more if you include their three big 1976-77 hits.

  • 8

    "Supersonic" by JJ Fad

    (#8 last week) Rap trio from Southern California, whose name stood for Just, Jammin', Fresh And Def. This got nominated for a Grammy in 1989, making them the first all-female rap group to be nominated for a Grammy award.

  • 7

    "Nite & Day": by Al B. Sure!

    (#7 last week) Always loved this smmmmmmooooth soul sound! Jersey boy who moved to Mount Vernon, NY., real name Albert Joseph Brown III. Brown was a star HS QB who turned down an athletic scholarship from the University of Iowa to pursue a music career.

  • 6

    "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard

    (#9 last week) Their biggest single. This video remained at #1 on the request show Dial MTV for 85 days, tying the longest run ever on Dial MTV.

  • 5

    "Make It Real" by The Jets

    (#6 last week) Fifth & final pop chart hit for the brother-and-sister act known as The Jets. Typical late-80s ballad.

  • 4

    "Just Got Paid" by Johnny Kemp

    (#5 last week) Bigger locally than nationally, where it peaked at #10, Kemp originally was brought in by Keith Sweat to write the lyrics for a-then instrumental track. Sweat decided against recording it, leaving it to Kemp.

  • 3

    "Foolish Beat" by Debbie Gibson

    (#4 last week) Debbie was sort of the Taylor Swift of the late 80s, a teenage prodigy & "regular" suburban girl who wrote her own material. "Regular"? She performed from the age of 5, & at 8 was onstage at the Metropolitan Opera House.

  • 2

    "Together Forever" by Rick Astley

    (#3 last week) The followup to "Never Gonna Give You Up", & yes, it really sounded just like it. But undeniably catchy. Astley is in The Guinness Record book, as he became the first male solo artist to have his first eight singles all chart in the UK Top 10. Surprisingly, he quit singing for almost a decade, beginning in 1993, except for backup vocals on "The Lion King" soundtrack.

  • 1

    "One More Try" by George Michael

    (#1 last week; 5th week at #1) How could a song be this big & yet be almost completely forgotten? Part of the answer is radio's reluctance to play old ballads. Interestingly, by this time Michael's chart success was much greater in the U.S., where four of the six "Faith" singles made it to #1, while none did so in the U.K.