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    "Rock & Roll Heaven" by The Righteous Brothers

    (#5 last week) If you've ever listened to this over the years & wished it could have been updated to include Elvis & Lennon, here's your wish.

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    "Waterloo" by Abba

    (#11 last week) Mamma mia. :-)

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    "The Air That I Breathe" by The Hollies

    (#6 last week) First written & recorded by Albert Hammond for his 1972 album "It Never Rains In Southern California", this track was actually first covered by Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers on a solo album in 1974. It's been done dozens of time since the Hollies hit big with it. ,

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    "Rock The Boat" by The Hues Corporation

    (#4 last sweek) A song I am proud to say I had a hand in making the biggest hit of 1974 locally. I was working in the music department at New York's 99X when I happened to pass by the weekly music meeting, where possible songs to add were played & discussed. This was playing, & I popped my head in to say how much I loved it. They probably would have added it anyway, but my of-the-moment opinion seemed to cinch it. One week later, WABC added it at #16. Where's my gold record?  :-)

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    "Feel Like Makin' Love" by Roberta Flack

    (#10 last week) I had no idea this was written by early 60s pop-soul star Gene McDaniels ("A Hundred Pounds Of Clay", "Tower Of Strength"). Self-produced by Flack under the name Rubina Flake!

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    "Sideshow" by Blue Magic

    (#8 last week) Quick show of hands: how many of you thought this was The Stylistics when you first heard it? Philly soul at it's best, co-written by the same team (Vinnie Barrett & Bobby Eli) that did "Love Won't Let Me Wait" by Major Harris.

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    "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John

    (#3 last week) Nobody was hotter in music in 1974 than this guy. First single from the "Caribou" album, & this featured some stellar backup vocals from Carl Wilson & Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, and, of all people, a then-unknown Toni Tennille!

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    "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae

    (#2 last week) Co-written by K.C. of Sunshine Band fame, before he was famous here in the states! In fact, it was intended to be a KC & The Sunshine Band song, but McCrae just happened to pop into the studio that day, spur-of-the-moment laid down some vocals, & the rest was history.

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    "The Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace

    (#9 last week) I did not expect to find a video of Paper Lace playing this LIVE. Surprise! They can play pretty good. But that "East Side of Chicago" line still annoys me.....  :-)

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    "Annie's Song" by John Denver

    (#1 last week; 3rd week at #1) One of the ultimate love songs from one partner to another. How could they divorce & ruin the fantasy for us? BTW, Denver was a one-hit wonder in England, & this was the hit.