"The Time Machine" is right in the middle of the 70s! It's Monday, October 7, 1974. Here are the local top 10 singles for the date.

  • 10

    %22Hang On In There Baby%22 by Johnny Bristol

    (New on survey) Johnny was the male voice on the 1969 smash "Someday We'll Be Together" by the Supremes, in fact, wrote the song as well. This smooth hit was one of the songs that helped the mainstream make the transition to disco's acceptance.

  • 9

    %22Who Do You Think You Are%22 by Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods

    (#14 last week) The previous hit, "Billy Don't Be A Hero" might have been bigger, but I've always prefered this followup. Very catchy! I remember a contest where the high school with the most gum wrappers or something like that won a Donaldson concert. Didn't a school in Jersey win?

  • 8

    %22Beach Baby%22 by First Class

    (#9 last week) Tony Burrows after 4 years away, becomes a one-hit wonder for a FIFTH time with five different studio groups! Amazing. Tony also had a big solo hit in the U.K., "It's Up To You, Petulia".

  • 7

    %22Nothing From Nothing%22 by Billy Preston

    (#6 last week) There were big 70s afros, & then there was Billy's hair! You could lose things in there for awhile. Wow. A thing of beauty. So was Billy's music.

  • 6

    %22Rock Me Gently%22 by Andy Kim

    (#7 last week) There have been many great Canadian hitmakers, & Andy is one of the best, both as a songwriter/producer & as singer. This was his biggest, but also check out "Baby I Love You" & "Be My Baby".

  • 5

    %22(You're) Having My Baby%22 by Paul Anka with Odia Coates

    (#4 last week) The simple use of the word "MY" instead of "OUR" created a firestorm of protest in 1974 for poor Paul Anka. NOW named him "Pig Of The Year"! But it was still a hit. The silent majority spoke.

  • 4

    %22Then Came You%22 by Dionne Warwick & The Spinners

    (#5 last week) The only national #1 hit the Spinners ever had. However, this did NOT make it to #1 locally, yet, anoother Spinners hit DID, "Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me Girl".

  • 3

    %22I Shot The Sheriff%22 by Eric Clapton

    (#2 last week) A lot of people are upset that this is more well-known by Clapton than by the man who first did it, Bob Marley. I say, lighten up! Eric helped make Marley famous. Yvonne Elliman sings backup on this & other tracks on the "461 Ocean Boulevard" album.

  • 2

    %22I Honestly Love You%22 by Olivia Newton-John

    (#3 last week) Won the 1974 "Record Of The Year" Grammy, but it wasn't all sweetness & light for country-pop princess Olivia. She was sort of the Taylor Swift of the time, one foot in country, the other in pop. Finally gave up the "country part" when she sexed up her image. The irony is, these days, country's queens haveh sexier looks than they used to have, for what it's worth.

  • 1

    %22Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe%22 by Barry White

    (#1 last week; 3rd week at #1) Biggest hit of the maestro's career. Ironically, another song called "Can't Get Enough" was on the chart at the same time.