Back...back...back into time, with the local hits from Thursday, December 30, 1976. Let's go!

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    %22Sorry Sems To Be The Hardest Word%22 by Elton John

    (#13 two weeks ago) We didn't know it at the time, but this was the last big hit in Elton's incredible peak period, which started in the summer of 1972 (he'd had several hits already, that period began his SUPERHOT streak). . He wouldn't return to the national top 10 for two more years, with "Mama Can't Buy You Love", & the local top 10 for three years, with "Little Jeannie".

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    %22Enjoy Yourself%22 by The Jacksons

    (#9 two weeks ago) A couple of firsts here: this was the first hit labeled "The Jacksons" instead of "The Jackson 5" (after leaving Motown for Epic, Berry Gordy refuaed use of the name), & this was the first time we heard Michael Jackson in his familiar adult voice, even though he was still a teenager.

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    %22Love So Right%22 by The Bee Gees

    (#5 two weeks ago) Speaking of extended hot streaks, the brothers Gibb were in the middle of one, for sure, which started in the summer of 1975 & wouldn't end until the summer of 1979.

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    %22The Rubberband Man%22 by The Spinners

    (#6 two weeks ago) A personal anecdote: this week in 1976, I was working at 99X, the top 40 station, in the music department. One night, I was answering Steve "Smokin'" Weed's request lines, when he needed a "good voice" for an on-air request. When he couldn't find one, I volunteered to be "a voice". I requested "The Rubberband Man" in my best "DJ voice" (I couldn't help myself), & Weed said/shouted, "ya got a nice speaking voice, Don!" One of the highlights of my then-budding career in radio. :-)

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    %22Whispering/Cherchez La Femme/Se Si Bon%22 by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band

    (#4 two weeks ago) A much bigger hit locally than nationally. for years, the "Tommy Mottola" (he was their manager--Hall & Oates, too) mentioned in this song was most famous for being mentioned in this song, until he became Mr. Mariah Carey. Setting the record straight: "Buzzard" is pronounced "Buzz---ARD", not "Buzzard" like the bird. Dinah Shore got it wrong here, but so did many radio DJs as well. You know who you are. :-).

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    %22Muskrat Love%22 by The Captain & Tennille

    (#5 two weeks ago) The elephant, excuse me, the muskrat in the room says I must be honest: this remake of an album cut from the group America is one of the most painfully awful hits of all time. There; I've said it! Hey, I enjoyed all of the other Captain & Tennille hits. Just not this one.

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    %22You Make Me Feel Like Dancing%22 by Leo Sayer

    (#9 two weeks ago) Gee, just about EVERYONE was "going disco" at this time time in pop music history, including the dimunitive Brit Leo Sayer. In this case, it worked! Catchy ditty that sticks in your brain. And of course, a falsetto always works....

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    %22Car Wash%22 by Rose Royce

    (#8 two weeks ago) Most people thought this was a lady named Rose, not the band they actually were. One of their other singles, "Wishing On A Star", became a popular tune years after the original release, as a "secret weapon" record used by radio stations.

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    %22Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)%22 by Rod Stewart

    (#1 two weeks ago) One of the raunchiest songs ever to be a hit in the classic era of top 40 radio, but I'm sorry, Rod, your outfit in the video is soooo 70's-embarrassing! That's Rod's then-girlfriend Britt Ekland cooing in French.

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    %22You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show)%22 by Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.

    (#2 two weeks ago; 2nd week at #1) Two-5ths of the 5th Dimension, the married couple Marilyn& Billy "go duo". Ms. McCoo was one of my major crushes back then, & the slit-up-to-there gown she wears in this appearance doesn't discourage those feelings in any way! :-)