Back...back...back into time, with "The Time Machine", taking a trip to Monday, August 18, 1986! Here are the local top 10 hit singles from that date.

  • 10

    %22Sledgehammer%22 by Peter Gabriel

    (#7 last week) This video won more awards than any in MTV's history, a total of nine. AND, it is the most played video in their history. The horns are provided by the former Stax Records house band, hence the FUNKINESS.

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    %22Dancing On The Ceiling%22 by Lionel Richie

    (#10 last week) 2012: I like a person who can make fun of himself, & this week Lionel did just that, appearing on "Late Show with David Letterman" to sing "The Top 10 Rejected Lionel Richie Song Lyrics". #6, to the tune of "Dancing On The Ceiling": "Oh, what a feeling! They raised the national debt ceiling!"

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    %22Higher Love%22 by Steve Winwood

    (#12 last week) The Grammy winning Record Of The Year. How is it that I didn't know until now that it's Chaka Khan singing with Steve? The Record Handler should be all-knowing, all-seeing. Sim solla bim. Whitney Houston remade this five years later for her "I'm Your Baby Tonight" album, but it was dropped at the last second, only appearing on Japanese versions of the album, for some reason.

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    %22We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off%22 by Jermaine Stewart

    (#9 last week) If there was a video made for this in '86, you can't find it today. Not much is known about Mr. Stewart. The song was co-written by the well-known producer-writer Narada Michael Walden. It got a boost after being featured on "Miami Vice".

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    %22Mad About You%22 by Belinda Carlisle

    (#6 last week) Her first solo hit, but it's almost a Go-Go's song. It was being considered for the fourth, but never recorded, Go-Go's album. When the band broke up, it became a solo song, but Jane Wiedlin & Charlotee Caffey DO sing backup. The guitar solo is by Duran Duran's Andy Taylor, who is also in the video.

  • 5

    %22Rumors%22 by Timex Social Club

    (#2 last week) Very cute animation worked into this video. One of the first hits in the "New Jack Swing" genre (the merger of urban R&B with hip-hop rhythms). The group met as students at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California.

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    %22All Cried Out%22 by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force

    (#4 last week) Lisa Lisa is Lisa Velez, from New York City. The group's first two singles were both bigger locally than nationally & so was this one.

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    %22Venus%22 by Bananarama

    (#5 last week) You can't keep a great song down! It was a smash for Shocking Blue in 1970, & a smash again here in '86. The girls wanted to record this badly (they had been performing it live for several years), but were met with resistance by several sets of producers. Sometimes you gotta listen to the artist!

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    %22Glory Of Love%22 by Peter Cetera

    (#3 last week) Co-written by Cetera with David Foster, it was his first solo hit after leaving Chicago, & featured in the movie "The Karate Kid II". It earned Oscar, Golden Globe & Grammy nominations.

  • 1

    %22Papa Don't Preach%22 by Madonna

    (#1 last week; 4th week at #1) Madge arguably at her peak. Written by Brian Elliot, based on teen gossip he heard outside his studio, which has a large front window that doubles as a mirror where schoolgirls from North Hollywood High School in Los Angeles regularly stopped to fix their hair and chat. Remember the heated political debate it caused?