In memory of the Queen Of Disco, who we lost to cancer at the way-too-young-age of 63, here are Donna Summer's all time Jersey top 10 hit singles, ranked according to their original local chart performance (a New Jersey 101.5 exclusive).

  • 10

    "Dim All The Lights" (1979)

    This was Donna's only hit that she wrote by herself, not with any co-writers. She had intended to give it Rod Stewart, but changed her mind at the last minute.

  • 9

    "The Wanderer" (1980)

    When David Geffen decided to start a new record label, the first artist he signed was Donna, stealing her from Casablanca. This hit generated some controversy among longtime fans, who wondered whether the disco diva was going "new wave".

  • 8

    "Heaven Knows" (with Brooklyn Dreams) (1979)

    "Brooklyn Dreams" was a dream come true in a way for Donna, because she met her future husband there, Bruce Sudano. He had previously been in the band Alive 'N' Kickin' ("Tighter, Tigther"). They had one of showzbizzes longest running marriages, living in the Nashville area. Condolances to Bruce & their children.

  • 7

    "On The Radio" (1980)

    Disco may have been on the ropes as a genre, but Donna kept the hit songs coming with this this half ballad/half dance number, her last for Casablanca. It was actually written for the soundtrack of the Jodie Foster film "Foxes".

  • 6

    "She Works Hard For The Money" (1983)

    Donna's biggest hit since "The Wanderer", & great anthem for working women. It was based on an actual encounter Donna had with a very tired bathroom attendant. The video became the very first by an African-Amercian woman to be placed in "heavy" rotation by MTV.

  • 5

    "Last Dance" (1978)

    Donna's first national #1 hit was "MacArthur Park", but locally, this hit the top spot in the summer of 1978, the big hit from the movie "Thank God It's Friday". Donna sings the song in the movie & acts. Why didn't she get more roles?

  • 4

    "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" (& Barbra Streisand) (1979)

    The song was on both divas's albums, but different mixes were on them. Summer's had a longer, rockier mix, done up by Harold Faltermeyer (he later hit with "Axel F Theme" from "Beverly Hills Cop")..

  • 3

    "MacArthur Park" (1978)

    Talk about an unlikely remake! A Jimmy Webb song first a hit for Richard Harris in 1968, done up VERY dramatically by Donna. It became an even bigger hit. BTW, for the record, the "cake being left out in the rain" is a metaphor, for, yep, love. That simple.

  • 2

    "Hot Stuff" (1979)

    First single from the concept album "Bad Girls", it rocked harder than anything Donna had done. Even a few album rock stations played this, a rare thing for 1979.

  • 1

    "Bad Girls" (1979)

    1978 may have been the year of the Bee Gees, but 1979 belonged to Donna. Both this & "Hot Stuff" were in the top 3 at the same time! Donna wrote it after one of her assistants had been roughed up by police, thinking she was a call girl. Casablanca Records chief Neil Bogart wanted Donna to give it to his newly signed artist Cher, but Donna refused. Good move! It's her all time biggest hit.