The second season of Showtime's "I'm Dying Up Here" premieres this Sunday night at 10. Dom Irrera, who plays "Fitzy" in the show and was up the last couple of nights shooting it, talked about the second season as well as Mike Schmidt's dishwasher joke. "He was never known for his wacky sense of humor, he was always pissed off about something," Dom said.

"I can't tell you certain things because it will ruin the show for people but needless to say, I'm going to a hospital tonight." The show reminds Irrera how much he loves and misses standup. "I love the cast, I love working with them, but I miss the freedom of standup to say what you want, do what you want. As long as I'm funny, you can do whatever you want," he told me. As for what he can and can't say in today's environment...

"I'm a comedian, I say whatever I want. I had a discussion with Dave Chappelle about how you can't say certain words. I said if everybody stops saying them, I'll stop saying them. Until then, I'll say whatever I want." It's not about the politics. "I just want to make people laugh. I don't want to make any political statements," Dom said.

I'll be opening Dom Irrera May 26th at Joey Harrison's River House in Forked River. "That's great," says Dom. "We can write some jokes for your act."

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