Pet Sitters International sponsors a Take Your Dog To Work Day every June which entices some 10,000 businesses to open their doors and allow employees to bring their pets into the work place. Some industries are known for allowing it year round, such as tech firms and creative agencies, and it is a growing trend among small companies. John Long from Pet Sitters says, "Pets in the workplace boost employee morale, increase productivity and can even increase sales. Pets are a great icebreaker at meetings. They help reduce stress. Dogs know if you're having a bad day. Sometimes it takes a cold nose to warm up the work environment."

The problem is invariably that cold nose is going to land on other people's legs, not just its owner's. Boost morale? Who's? Everyone's or just the selfish dog owner who can't separate their professional life from their private life and has to drag their dog along with them everywhere they go like it's some fashion accessory? Icebreaker at meetings? Yeah no better icebreaker than having to step over someone else's dog's pile of crap on the conference room floor. Hey what's not to love? Don't tell me it doesn't happen. I've personally seen it twice already with two different past co-worker's dogs. Read more about this trend here.