There's a new TV channel on the way.  It is not intended for humans to view.  It's programming especially for dogs!

Later this year there will be a 24/7 cable channel to keep home alone dogs company.  It's called DOGTV.   First, let's get one thing straight.  Bob Barker will not be the host, and they do not paws for commercials.

The folks at DOGTV say their channel is scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone.  For my beloved departed Doxies, Spanky and Sweet Pea pictured above, I would turn on New Jersey 101.5 to keep them company when they were home by themselves.  It seemed to work, but they never gave a preference between Jim Gearhart or Dennis and Judi.

The American Kennel Club performed a study and found that about half the dogs showed interest on what was happening on the tv.

DOGTV says their product can relax and stimulate our furry friends.  If it works, the fee of about five bucks a month may be well worth it.

Would you subscribe to DOGTV ?  I would love to hear your comment.