Animal control officials are trying to find the owner of a dog whose ears were cut off and who was abandoned at a school in Woodbridge.

The Cane Corso was found at School No. 9 in the Port Richmond section of Woodbridge on Tuesday and taken to the Woodbridge Animal Shelter.  According to the Shelter's Facebook page the staff has named him George.o

The shelter tells the Star Ledger after an examination a vet has determined George's age to be either 3 or 4 years old but apperas older because his was cared for poorly.

He is slightly underweight and his teeth and gums are in bad condition,”  Austin Clyburn told the paper. “His toe nails are also filed down. We think he was kept outside, probably on cement and wore down his nails. He was not shown any love.”

"What an irresponsible and dangerous thing to do around young children, particularly  sbecause he was frightened and defensive," wrote the Shelter on their Facebook page.

Township spokesman John Hagerty tells the Star-Ledger that George was tied to the school's backdoor with a leash. Hagerty says the ears were "cut flush to the head."  Staff treating George speculate his ears were likely cut off as a puppy.

Clyburn tells the Star Ledger he believes the dog's ears were cut to make him look tougher.He says they are a rare breed in the United States and cam cost $1,000 or more.

The male dog is black with a white star in its chest.

The dog will be put up for adoption after 7 days Animal Control office John Conklin tells WABC TV.

If you have information about George please call 732-855-0600.