Go ahead. Get ready to write me. Call me a jerk who hates animals (not true). But I'm not sure if what I'm seeing in the video below amounts to animal cruelty or not. George McIlvain, a 23 year old from Neptune Township pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty and was fined $650 and has to enter psychiatric treatment. He's also banned from owning an animal for 5 years. Now take a look at the video. I'm NOT saying what you see here is smart to do. That's almost my point. I think what George does to this dog is just showing his own stupidity, like firing little bursts of air from the air compressor at the dog's face. I can see a scenario where in a stupid person's mind that is 'playing' with the dog, in his mind playfully 'teasing' the dog, and wasn't intentional cruelty. I say this because of how the video ends, right before the dog turns the tables and lunges to attack the man. The man is seen in an act of what looks like playing tug of war with the animal, something every dog owner I've ever known does in a playful manner. Clearly not abusive and I think would show in this guy's mind he was 'playing'. In between however, the most disturbing thing you'll see is the rough 'play' if that's what it was, where George seems to be roughhousing with the dog and throws a leg at it then what looks like a fist. Closest thing to abuse you'll see. Again though, what this is bracketed by, the bursts of air and the tug of war, says to me that this is a guy who's just too stupid to know how to play with a dog but was in fact, in his own mind, only playing, albeit too roughly. He paid the price as you'll see at the end of the video.