Immediately following Dharun Ravi's sentencing this afternoon, Twitter, Facebook erupted with posters anxious to voice their opinions on Dharun Ravi's 30-day sentence. See what people are saying about it and join the conversation by adding your comment to the field below.

Dharun Ravi Sentenced: Does the Crime Fit the Time?

Former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi was sentenced today in the high-profile web cam spying case related to the suicide of Tyler Clementi. Ravi gets 30 days in jail and probation. The sentence has people asking, "Does the time fit the crime?" Here's what people are saying about it...

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Dharun Ravi Gets 30 Days In Rutgers Spy CaseAfter an emotional morning of letters read aloud in open court from both Ravi and Tyler Clementi families Dharun Ravi was sentenced to a ...
RT @osurac114: 30 days for Dharun Ravi is very fair. He should never have been convicted.Dread Like Rasta
30 days? Christ, you'll do more time for shoplifting a six pac.AC Smith
As much as I can't stand this kid, I knew he wasn't going to get 10yrs, which is fine. Our media has to scandalize and exxagerate everthing. The actual case was compelling enough. Shame on you Chris Cuomo from 20/20 for minimizing the illegal behavior of the violation of personal privacy and sexual harrassment. About Ravi's verdict today: "I heard this jury say, 'guilty' 288 times--24 questions, 12 jurors. That's the multiplication," Judge Glenn Berman said. "I haven't heard you apologize once." Simmy Pappachen
dharun ravi humilates his roomate to where the roomate killed himself andhe only gets 30 days in prision #notfairCynthia Munoz
Jail for thirty days is an appropriate sentence for Dharun Ravi. The people saying he deserves 10 years behind bars are absolutely nuts.David Wilson
OMG 30 days WTF !!! he caused a young man to kill himself!!! GAY OR NOT GAY WE HAVE RIGHTS....WE DO LIVE IN THE USA DONT WE!!Pat Hernandez Rose
Help me understand this. Tyler Clementi is outed on the internet by Dharun Ravi. Tyler goes to the nearest bridge and jumps to his death. Dharun Ravi gets 30 days in jail.Mitch Blair
Rutgers Bullying Verdict: Dharun Ravi Sentenced to 30-Days in Jail for Spying on Tyler Clementiabcnews
A slap on the wrist for a future sociopath. #dharunravisucks Will Clark
Dharun Ravi Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail. I think it was a much to milder sentence. Should have gotten a much larger sentence of at least 10 years. Or they should have deported him back his Country.Michael W Sachs
Dharun Ravi can go to hell #youmakemesickStephanie Cole
There are many ways to be a bully, and this is what the price of his bullying cost him 30 days. The person and family on the receiving end paid the ultimate price. For shame.Trina Ramirez Arana
Cannot believe that 30 days is all that the courts could dish out for Dharun Ravi. You just let Bullies win. SMHNicole Helen
I hope that the appeal goes through, but if it doesn't, deportation would be enough punishment for Dharun Ravi.David Robertson
RT @AishaS: I plan to talk to my v. young kids about verdict in Dharun Ravi trial. Never too early to teach abt civility and respecting others' privacy.Lisa Shaw
RT @Pres_Bartlet: I suppose it's worth noting that Dharun Ravi got the same sentence as Lindsay Lohan got for breaking probation.Josh Lederman
The mistakes you make in your youth can screw up your entire adulthood. Dharun Ravi is an example of that.Empress Alexandra
Dharun Ravi was sentenced to only 30 days. I never expected him to get the 10 years max but I definitely didn't expect his sentence to be so light.Sonia Wilson
30 days is bull. Dharun ravi should have gotten more than that. All I can think abt it my baby bro. I'm so glad he has a network of support.Daryll Marie
Relieved to see Dharun Ravi's 30 day sentence. If you read the facts behind this case, you'll see this is fair. RIP Tyler Clementi.Linda Sees
I'm surprised they gave Dharun Ravi such a small sentence. His reaction towards everything while in court was mechanical and systematic, absolutely no emotion. The cause of someone's death, and he was cold as can be-- talk about startling.Veli Sadiku
Dharun Ravi Gets 30 Days In Rutgers Spy CaseAfter an emotional morning of letters read aloud in open court from both Ravi and Tyler Clementi families Dharun Ravi was sentenced to a ...
RT @LimothyTynch: Justice for Dharun Ravi, 10 yrs in jail for a prank gone wrong would set a dangerous precedent. NJ shouldnt incarcerate people for stupidityCaitlin English
30 days in jail for Dharun Ravi seems too lenient...Rejina Sincic
Dharun Ravi was sentenced to 30 days. There's still the possibility of him being deported bc his sentence is less than one year.Tiffany D.
30 days for Dharun Ravi? The "justice" system really is an arbitrary mess.Yashwanth Manjunath
Commenters making prison rape jokes about Dharun Ravi really 'get it.'Richard Lawson
30 days for Dharun Ravi is very fair. He should never have been convicted.Andrew Caruso
Dharun Ravi gets 30 days. Wow.Paula Froelich
Dharun Ravi's dreams are shattered? I'm sorry, but what about Tyler Clementi who killed himself thanks to Dharun Ravi's cruelty? I have no sympathy for Dharun Ravi. I feel horrible for the families, but I cannot show any heart to Dahrun Ravi.Elizabeth Davidson
RT @angemolinari: fuck Dharun Ravi..he had no remorse..Alana
Seems a little too lenient to me. :-/Darrin Bodner
really angry over the dharun ravi trial. :( :(Erin Levine
Just read about Dharun Ravi. 30 days in jail isn't enough....ray chan
I must say this is shocking to me. There should at least be some jail time involved. Show that this type of callous behavior is a serious offense. While I do not think you can really "blame" one person for another's suicide, Ravi's actions directly and deliberately targeted Tyler with malicious intent. I pray that in time the Clementi's are able to attain some type of peace in their lives despite the unthinkable loss of their son. BTW, a heartfelt apology from Ravi would probably have gone a long way...Ally Musano
I understand the invasion of privacy charges for what Dharun Ravi did but it wasn't a hate crimeEric
RT @notoriouslybold: If a gay person would cause a straight person to kill themselves CC: the Dharun Ravi case, we would be sentenced to years in jail guaranteedSpotty Dog
RT @rolandscahill: Interesting thought of the day- Martha Stewart got more jail time than Dharun Ravi...Jake Dawson
Middlesex Co. Prosecutor's Office said it will appeal Dharun Ravi's sentence. They have 10 days to do so.Charlie Kratovil
He got of easy !Manny Hernandez
Dharun Ravi sentenced to 30 day jail sentence really does make me question our justice system. WTF was that judge thinking?Elina