Former Governor Jim Florio is joining more than a dozen organizations to call on the New Jersey State Senate to pass a series of gun control measures already approved by the Assembly.

Former Governor Jim Florio (David Matthau, Townsquare Media)

More than 20 years ago, Florio enacted the toughest semi-automatic firearms laws in America in the Garden State.

"This is crazy - there's no other nation in the world that has anything like we do, in terms of the easy availability of guns, high capacity magazines which are designed specifically to kill as many people as possible in a war-time setting," said Florio during a news conference at the Statehouse yesterday.

He also insisted the 22-bill package has no relevance to the Second Amendment because the rights of hunters and other gun owners are not infringed upon.

Florio added the important question to consider is, "Is there anything here that's unreasonable, that's arbitrary and capricious - and the answer is, point out something that is arbitrary and capricious and I'll be happy to acknowledge that."

He also stressed that some in the gun lobby try to make the argument that even when proposed gun control legislation is reasonable, if it gets passed, you get on a "slippery slope" and soon, we'll need to worry about people showing up at our homes to confiscate our guns - a notion Florio called "silly."

Can Gun Bills be Improved?

"We want to urge the Senate President to move the legislation, they have a package of 22 bills, there are chances to improve those bills if needed, but it's time to move those bills and not sit on them," said Bryan Miller, the Executive Director of Heeding God's Call.

Critics, including some New Jersey republicans, have called the legislative package poorly drafted, illogical and rushed.