So last night on my way in I got a ticket in North Brunswick. Here's how it happened, I was heading on Rt. 1 south in the left lane like I do every night at about 65 mph (the speed limit is 55 mph) when I came upon a slow moving car. The car I came upon was doing about 40-45 again the speed limit is 55 mph, so when I got the chance I moved into the center lane and passed the slow moving car. Next thing I see is flashing lights coming over from the far right lane and I realized I was getting pulled over.

Now I thought I got tagged for speeding which would be just because I was going about 10 mph over the speed limit but that wasn't the case. I was told I made an unsafe lane change because I didn't use my blinker ( I did but the bulb was out) the officer came back to my car and told me to get it fixed and I'm getting a summons because I zipped in front of the other car.

Now for my kvetching, first off if the other car was  close to the speed limit it wouldn't have appeared that I "zipped" in front of them. Also if we did like a lot of other states and had a speed minimum this person would have been the one puled over. I have always loved the idea of having a speed minimum in any state. So I say on all NJ state and interstate highways we institute  a speed minimum and make it more lucrative for towns and the state to ticket people who violate this because as we all should know by now it is far more harmful to go under the speed limit then above.

Minimum or No minimum, and how far below? I feel in the name of safety it should be 5 mph below the speed limit. What do you guys think?