We're a cynical lot here in the Garden State. And after all the decades of broken promises from Trenton who could blame us? So when it comes to the holidays, are we too cynical to bother with old fashioned Christmas cards? I wonder.

I have been getting requests from my friends in the midwest for my new address. They tell me they are updating their Christmas card lists knowing we just bought a new home. I notice all these requests have come from out of state and none from New Jersey. I don't know if anyone keeps stats on this sort of thing state by state, but I wonder how into Christmas cards New Jersey still is, or isn't. I think the last time I sent out Christmas cards was probably ten years ago. The cost of postage kept going up. And the cost of store bought cards was getting ridiculous. For awhile I started making them myself which is what I guess most people do now.

Jeff Deminski photo / Townsquare Media

Speaking of which, check out this picture my wife took. We had just finished putting up the tree in the new house when she got this shot of our son Atticus looking at the finished product. Several people have told us we need to make this a Christmas card. And I thought hey, we're from Jersey, how many people here are still doing this quaint tradition?

So let us know, please. Take our poll. Am I being a scrooge or am I typical?

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