You've heard of cars that can parallel park themselves. Now Ford has unveiled a Ford Edge Concept car that can park itself at the mall. According to the Wall Street Journal, the system can locate a perpendicular parking space using ultrasonic sensors and then the car will park itself there perfectly. Here's where it gets weird: Because the technology can be activated from outside the vehicle, you can exit the car before it begins to park itself. Why? Well you know how you sometimes find a space between two cars that are both too close to their lines and you could get the car in there but you'd never be able to swing the door open to get out? This allows you to get out first, hit a button, and the car can squeeze in to a space that tight.

Here's the problem. If the car next to you doesn't have the same technology in reverse, how is that driver ever going to get inside his car? If it's too tight a park job for you to get your own doors open then surely he can't get in his car either. Great for you. Terrible for him. Or maybe you figure that's the price he pays for not parking better. All I know is I'm still looking forward to the day when a fully autonomous car will drop me off at the entrance to the mall and completely drive away and park on its own. Plus, I can text all I want on my way back home.

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