There's an article in the Los Angeles Times about how close we are to having autonomous or driverless cars, and what factors might be holding them back. Unsurprisingly, the obstacles they mention are the exact same as the ones our listeners have brought up when we've talked about those cars on the air; who is liable if the car gets into an accident, the driver or the manufacturer?

The article in the Times comes down on the side of holding the manufacturer liable, since the driver didn't touch anything. Also, there's the question of whether insurance rates would go up or down; the article points out that some of the robot-like features currently in cars (like adaptive cruise control) have already resulted in fewer accidents and reduced premiums, and that the insurance industry has experience in insuring robots, like an airliner.

Finally, the LA Times quotes a study done by Chubb Insurance last month that found that only 18% of respondents would buy an autonomous vehicle and only 33% would feel safe driving on the road with them.

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