Paying with cash has become about as passé as listening to music with a Walkman.
And pretty soon carrying credit cards will be a thing of the past too.

This is all due to the fact that most of us have a smart device – which can do just about anything you want it to – simply by pressing an app.

I noticed this one day while buying my coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts the old fashioned way – with cash.
There was a girl in front of me using her Dunkin app to pay for her breakfast.
Fascinated (as though I’d just crawled out of a cave) I watched as her phone was scanned – and presto!
Her goods were paid for.

So when the announcement came down that you can now pay for goods with your Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, my first reaction was how secure this system would be.

I’m still not sure – but given the number of credit card accounts that have been compromised of late – are credit cards still the way to go? Or do you still rely on cash to pay for whatever you buy?

And while Apple Pay will become ubiquitous in a sense, there's a fly in their ointment in that some merchants won't accept it, according to a report on

As I understand it, CurrentC tracks all your purchases and researches the ones you favor - thus enabling merchants to market directly to you. So along with convenience comes the reality of knowing your every purchase (at least with CurrentC) is being tallied and stored someplace.

Is this something you're comfortable with - or would you rather still use cash?