The idea of men and women enjoying activities separately isn't an uncommon thought, but one golf club in NJ is being sued for doing just that...

Ken Reid, Getty Images

The Plainfield County Club allows men and women to be members of their club. The majority of males at the country club are active members, and their wives, who also pay dues, are considered associate members. Active members are granted special access to privileges that associate members are not allowed to enjoy, including special tee times, and a private grill room.

One couple felt that this was discrimination against women, since the majority of females in the club have an associate status. Joseph and Liza Garrubbo pushed for women to be able to have the same rights as men in the club, and were punished for their actions.

The Garrubbo's are now taking the matter to court, and are suing for gender discrimination.

Do you think the Plainfield Country Club is discriminating against women, or do they have a right to keep certain aspects of their club exclusive to men?