It seems that Rutgers is having some 'manhood problems' with their coaching, after recent events that have happened at the university.

High Point Solutions Stadium ( Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

First, Mike Rice threw tantrums on the basketball court, and now, defensive coordinator Dave Cohen called Jevon Tyree emasculating names and threatened to head-butt the former football player during a study hall session.

Was former Rutgers football player Jevon Tyree bullied by Rutgers defensive co-ordinator Dave Cohen? The definition of bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively to impose domination over others. If what Tyree said went on in study hall is true, then you would have to say he was bullied.

This is not a player vs player situation where each person is on equal footing. When a coach insults a player it’s not a fair fight - Cohen has power over Tyree. He holds his playing time and future in his hands. A coach that insults a player who can’t fight back is simply taking advantage of a defenseless situation. What could the player possibly do?

The coach's job is to motivate the player to get the best out of him. Bill Parcells was a master at this. When Tom Coughlin changed his act and did this, the Giants won two Super Bowls.

I can’t think of one player who was motivated by his coach calling him names in public and threatening to head butt him. Being on a sports team is not about "being a man," it's about how to mold men and get the best out of them, especially when that man is on scholarship costing the college money.  Clearly that did not happen in this situation.

Do you think Jevon Tyree was being bullied in this situation?