Today's debate between Dena Blizzard and Steve Trevelise came from a discussion based around the latest controversy following mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

John Moore/Getty Images

After Weiner's latest admission of sending a sexually explicit text message to another woman last summer.

Dena believes that after Weiner's latest admission, he should drop out of the NYC Mayoral race immediately. Dena believes that there is no place for someone like this in any political office and doesn't understand how anyone would vote for a candidate like this.

Steve Trevelise on the other hand, says that while it's wrong, he doesn't believe it will or should affect Wiener dropping out of the mayoral race. Considering what some politicians have done, Steve doesn't feel that Weiner should drop out of the race, instead, Trevelise believes that the voters should just decide whether they feel he is a good candidate or not.

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