This week's heartbreaking ambush of rookie Jersey City police officer Melvin Santiago has enraged not only New Jersey but the nation. Lawrence Campbell already got his death penalty, but word is gangs have declared open season on Jersey City cops. As we hope those reports turn out to be incredible, what if they're not? What if this happened? Should the penalty for killing a police officer be to live out your life in prison, bed and meals and entertainment and medical care paid for by taxpayers? Or should it be a death penalty conviction with reasonable but limited appeals followed by a swift execution?

Assemblyman Ron Dancer has been trying to get New Jersey's death penalty reinstated since 2011 but only for cop killers, murderers of children, and terrorist acts. You can read the legislation here. It's reasonable. I support it fully. Yes I would support a full reinstatement of the death penalty for murderers no matter the victim. Many will argue unfairness because a cop's life isn't more important than anyone else's life. However his role in society is more important. The banker, the electrician, the trucker, the secretary, the talk show host, anyone, wouldn't stand a chance in life if it weren't for that thin blue line.